19th January 2021

How can art and architecture highlight social issues…

It is about bringing people together, offering a bit of joy and highlighting important issues and problems in […]
4th January 2021

Co-housing* for including refugees and migrants…

*co-housing, collaborative housing, cooperative housing, …. housing projects based on community development. Many actors of the issue “refugee […]
12th December 2020

How to develop open cities?!

While we talk about refugee issues, we talk more and more about open cities and inclusive societies. We […]
11th December 2020

The importance of community spaces – Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

When we got to know the amazing work of Rizvi Hassan and co. we hardly believed what we […]
10th December 2020

Inclusive spaces – Participatory planning in Lebanon

“It is not every day that academics plant trees, paint pavements, or install park benches. But that is […]
2nd April 2019

Architecture is a Human Right – Facebook LIVE Discussion Series – with Tatjana Schneider

We are running a super important project! You know that, right?! “Architecture is a Human Right” – in […]
25th May 2018

EDUCATION FOR ALL – School for Refugees in Azraq, Jordan

In collaboration with the Emergency Architecture & Human Rights, The Syria Fund, Helping Refugee Jordan and the Nashmiyat Al-Badiyah […]
14th May 2018

School for refugees and locals in the village of Za’atari, Jordan

Check this short video by the Emergency Architecture & Human Rights! They built a school in the village […]
10th March 2018

UNHCR report highlights education crisis for refugee children

“More than 3.5 million refugee children aged 5 to 17 did not have the chance to attend school […]
10th March 2018

Our collaboration with the Emergency Architecture & Human Rights

We have just teamed up with the Emergency Architecture & Human Rights to build 99 more classrooms and […]
25th February 2018

Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ

Please check our Swiss team’s Webpage! You can find many important information about their work. In German and […]
31st August 2017

7. Forum der Schweizer Wohnbaugenossenschaften – 22. September 2017 – KKL LUZERN

Wir nehmen auch teil am 7. FORUM der Schweizer Wohnbaugenossenschaften! Join us! Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ – STANDNUMMER […]
20th August 2017

Duttweilerfest! – 9. September – Zürich

Join us! Facebook EVENT – CLICK Check English text below! Was passiert? / What’s on? In der Stadt […]
6th July 2017
Hills in California Source Pixabay

Trails and Parks as Migration Infrastructure

To some, providing protected natural spaces is to provide a purely environmental or recreational facility, and within the […]
25th May 2017
Two people assemble a wooden table.

TU Berlin Summer Design-Build Program, July 2017

This summer, TU Berlin will be offering a summer design-build studio from July 10-21st that will focus on designing […]
28th April 2017

When Architects Design Homes Refugees Can Use

“A new exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is devoted to constructive responses to the world’s […]
28th April 2017

Refugees arriving in UK immediately becoming homeless once they’re granted asylum, report finds

“Delays on important paperwork from Government departments and a ‘cliff-edge’ of support following positive decisions on refugee status leading people into […]
17th March 2017

Refugee Heritage – Refugee camps are established with the intention of being demolished

“Refugee camps are established with the intention of being demolished. As a paradigmatic representation of political failure, they […]
15th March 2017

Renovation of King street Station

Market Share “Empowering immigrants and refugees through food entrepreneurship” One Man’s Plan to Turn King Street Station Into […]
15th March 2017

Call for Volunteers (Guiding Book Project)

If you’re a super cool person and want to help refugees settle in your city and feel home, […]
10th March 2017

This is home “a guiding book for refugees in Seattle, USA

  Forced out of their homes, losing everything they owned, refugees settled in new countries, not knowing the […]
7th March 2017

Call for Volunteers: Transportation Systems Project

For cities and countries reacting to the arrival of many refugees, building transportation systems that serve them can […]
7th March 2017

Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ – Facebook

Our Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ team in Switzerland is doing many things on a local scale! They organise […]
5th March 2017

How to POST on the PLATFORM?!

AfR OPEN SOURCE ONLINE PLATFORM Feel free to upload your materials!!! How to Post on the Architecture for […]
1st March 2017
via Wikimedia Commons

More on Formalizing Informal Transit

Mexico City Like the Digital Matatus Project in Nairobi, this mapping project run by Mapatón CDMX used smartphone-based GPS tools […]
22nd February 2017

Refugee Transportation Needs in Rural America

Because refugees within the U.S. most frequently settle in larger urban areas, the transportation needs of refugees can […]
9th February 2017

Mapping Informal Transport Patterns

Though not explicitly designed around refugee camps, the data collection and processing tactics of the Digital Matatus project […]
24th January 2017

Architecture for Refugees 01 – From Field to Field BOOK

Please check our BOOK’s crowdfunding campaign and contribute to produce and publish this very needed KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER book. […]
17th January 2017

Architecture for Refugees on FACEBOOK

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9th January 2017

“Pop-Art in der Notunterkunft” – temporary housing in Paris

“It’s a global project to welcome people who’ve been living in the streets for the last few months […]