A family starting a new life far from their home

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11th October 2016
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12th October 2016

A family starting a new life far from their home

Lidiia Havrylivna Pisahovych celebrated her 93 birthday in March 2016. But it is the second year in a row that she is forced to celebrate it not in her home city Donetsk, but in Vuhledar – a city she fled to with her great-granddaughters and great-great-granddaughter. She is living currently in a rented house, which the whole family is trying to do up in order to get rid of damp and make it warmer. Being almost 93 years old Lidiia Havrylivna still keeps domestic animals – together with her great-granddaughter she bought chickens and a cow in order to provide the kids with food. The UNHCR Ukraine provided her with cash assistance that will allow her to buy required medicine or to better her living conditions.




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