When Architects Design Homes Refugees Can Use

Refugees arriving in UK immediately becoming homeless once they’re granted asylum, report finds
28th April 2017
Two people assemble a wooden table.
TU Berlin Summer Design-Build Program, July 2017
25th May 2017

When Architects Design Homes Refugees Can Use

“A new exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is devoted to constructive responses to the world’s natural disasters

In the entrance wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s new building you can currently find a white, 17.5-square-meter structure. It’s made of a metal frame covered with semi-solid walls, and it has four windows, a high ceiling and a lockable door. Inside there’s a lamp installed that draws power from the sun and has a USB port to charge electronic devices.
This shelter for displaced persons was designed by the Better Shelter group in conjunction with the IKEA Foundation and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The shelter is part of a new museum exhibit called “3.5 Square Meters: Constructive Responses to Natural Disasters,” that includes a variety of design, planning and technological solutions for communities struck by natural disasters or wars that can be applied at diverse sites all over the world. These include examples of temporary structures set up at disaster sites and products that were produced especially for refugees. The name of the exhibit is derived from the minimum amount of space needed in a shelter as determined by the International Red Cross. …”

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When Architects Design Homes Refugees Can Use

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