Architecture that Matters – Tirana Architecture Weeks

Future Architecture Matchmaking Conference, Ljubljana 2016
6th October 2016
PLACES FOR PEOPLE / Orte für Menschen
6th October 2016

TAW 2016 will become a platform for imagining the role of architecture in the upcoming Europe.
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“Tirana Architecture/Design Weeks (TAW/TDW) aims at promoting the exchange of knowledge between professionals at the national and international level in order to cultivate a larger public interest in architecture, art and design. These are disciplines that affect the contemporary development of cities, enhance interaction between professionals and the public with the city, and encourage participation in decision-making and development processes. Activities will be based on various issues and disciplines around artistic production, education, capacity building, research and development, etc.; and will be followed up with a detailed description of activities in each area. Tirana Architecture/Design Weeks include 4 working groups: Architecture, Art Design, Workshops, and Public Events, working with conferences, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, open forums etc. TAW is organised by Polis University in Tirana.”

WORKSHOP#03 CAMPing in Tirana: Architecture for Refugees from 3 to 9 October
OPEN LECTURE Bence Komlosi on 6 October
”CAMPing in Tirana” turns the focus of the architectural society on the architectural aspects of the refugee crisis. The workshop invites all the stakeholders – refugees, architects, activists, politicians to discuss the built environmental aspects of the crisis and to co-design and co-produce potential solutions and strategies. The course and its participants will collect information and discuss it together. Experiences from the past and present will be used to study the situation on a local and global scale.



Architecture that Matters – Tirana Architecture Weeks

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