Beyond the Tent: Why Refugee Camps Need Architects (Now More than Ever)

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19th August 2016
How to turn refugee shelters into thriving environments
19th August 2016

“In 2013 alone some 1 million people have poured out of Syria to escape a civil conflict that has been raging for over two years. The total number of Syrian refugees is well over 2 million, an unprecedented number and a disturbing reality that has put the host countries under immense infrastructural strain.

Host countries at least have a protocol they can follow, however. UN Handbooks are consulted and used to inform an appropriate approach to camp planning issues. Land is negotiated for and a grid layout is set. The method, while general, is meticulous – adequate for an issue with an expiration date.”

writes Katherine Allen in an article on the archdaily! Click here for the whole article!



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