Call for Volunteers (Guiding Book Project)

This is home “a guiding book for refugees in Seattle, USA
10th March 2017
Renovation of King street Station
15th March 2017

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If you’re a super cool person and want to help refugees settle in your city and feel home, join Rania and the AFR team to bring this book to every city and in the hands of as many refugees as possible.


“This is Home” is an infographic guiding book that assists refugees resettling in Seattle, Washington learn about their new neighborhood. The design intent was to provide refugees with basic, but often over-looked, information that will ease the transition period and allow  new families to become more independent. The book template was designed to be easily modified to fit cities around the world. The current version is in English and Arabic, and Rania is working on translating the book into other languages. If you want to bring the book to your city or help in translating the content into other languages please contact us.

You can email Rania at, or contact her on Facebook or LinkedIn @ Rania Qawasma

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Call for Volunteers (Guiding Book Project)

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