26th September 2016

Self Build Design by Lucas

Here’s a beautiful illustration made by Lucas, one of ‘Building in Calais jungle‘ amazing volunteers, to demonstrate how to […]
20th September 2016

Flüchtlingskrise? Wohnungsfrage! Warum 2016 das Jahr der Architekten werden könnte – Refugee crisis? Home solution!

“Nachdem Sophie Wolfrum, Manuel Herz und besonders Arno Brandlhuber die wahren Ursachen Deutscher Wohnungsnot nicht in der Flüchtlingskrise, […]
20th September 2016

Lord Rogers: Help for refugees is a mark of our civilisation

We must support those facing this crisis, says the award-winning architect whose family fled fascist Italy in 1939 […]
14th September 2016

Good Chance Theatre Dome

Good Chance builds temporary theatres of hope. Get to know more about Good Chance Theatre on it’s twitter […]
12th September 2016

Humanitarian architects work from the ground up

“There is a much wider role for architects and architecture than I had been led to believe both […]
11th September 2016

In Italy, a struggling town looks to refugees for revival

“In Italy, the job of settling and integrating asylum seekers belongs to local governments. Mayors across the impoverished […]
22nd August 2016

How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp

“From the outside, the temporary shelter for Syrian civilians in Kilis, Turkey, doesn’t look like an inviting place […]
19th August 2016

Beyond the Tent: Why Refugee Camps Need Architects (Now More than Ever)

“In 2013 alone some 1 million people have poured out of Syria to escape a civil conflict that has been raging for […]
19th August 2016

EKO project

“Eko is up and running once more, from 8:00-20:00 there is a space where the community can come […]
16th August 2016

Refugee Republic – interactive map of the refugee camp in Domiz

Check the Refugee Republic and its interactive map about the Domiz refugee camp. You can find the Refugee […]
11th August 2016

“Jungle books” English lesson

Please check this report – diary by our friend from the MapFugees team! Educational spaces and people! “Funny atmosphere and […]
12th June 2016


The Architecture for Refugees – open source online platform is ON! Welcome to our open source online platform! We are […]
2nd November 2016

Video – Dunkirk family centre

Watch the video about Dunkirk family centre project on Brighton shelter build project’s facebook page!
2nd November 2016

Architectural Atlas of Calais Jungle

You can read in issuu the Architectural Atlas of Calais Jungle  – in french!
2nd November 2016

MTS – More Than Shelters.

CHECK More Than Shelters Organisation’s WEBSITE HERE! MTS’s Mission on facebook: “The objective of MORE THAN SHELTERS is […]
1st November 2016

Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK

JOIN Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK‘s facebook group! HELP if you can!
1st November 2016

GRANDE-SYNTHE: The humanitarian camp that France didn’t want

Read stories about Grande-Synthe camp HERE>>>
25th October 2016

Brighton Shelter Build Project

CHECK THE FACEBOOK PAGE of ‘Brighton Shelter Build Project’ Non-Profit Organization in Brighton, United Kingdom Source of the […]
25th October 2016

Dutch housing associations and the integration of refugees

Encouraging messages from Amsterdam: “Social housing associations and the NGO Vluchtelingenwerk are assisting refugees with a residence status […]
25th October 2016

A castle in a refugee camp

Refugees in Sherkole, in the Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia, live in shelters predominantly built by NRC and other […]
20th October 2016

Planned informality: the need for flexibility and foresight in urban refugee settlements

“Take a flat land in the desert of Jordan near the Syrian border and place thousands of white […]
20th October 2016

Migrationlab presents: Welcome to the living room!

“Welcome to The living room is about transforming urban/public spaces into a public living rooms together with migrants, […]
20th October 2016

Using GIS technology to map shelter allocation in Azraq refugee camp

READ about key management system for shelters in Azraq! Source: BY UNHCR INNOVATION, JANUARY 15, 2015
19th October 2016