18th October 2016

Better Shelter Unit (Refugee Housing Unit)

“In the drought-swept expanses of Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, women wrapped in bright scarves lug plastic jerry cans of […]
18th October 2016

From Module to Urban Quarter

Academy for Architectural Culture organized a summer workshop: From Module to Urban Quarter, Case Study Houses for the 21st-Century […]
18th October 2016

Shelter summerization

A do-it-yourself upper canopy + veranda assembly kit to mitigate shelter internal temperature and offer an external protected […]
18th October 2016

Building Support through Shelter

Join the group Building Support through Shelter!  Their goals: “We are hoping to create safe shelters for refugees. […]
18th October 2016

Call for support – Citizen science in a refugee camp

Check the “Citizen science in a refugee camp” – balloon mapping project by Claudia Martinez Mansell! “This project centers […]
14th October 2016

Quik-build refugee ecosystem

CHECK the Quik-build refugee ecosystem project by [architecture and hygiene]
14th October 2016

Refugee Children in Crisis

“They need to be children, they need to get their life back.” Aid agencies say children are the […]
14th October 2016

Walk with me to Berlin

Take a journey with a refugee!
12th October 2016


GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT! The project is led by professors Harriet Harriss and Graeme Brooker, and […]
11th October 2016

Innovation at Zaatari: how do refugees make tents and caravans into homes?

“The largest refugee camp in Jordan is on its way to becoming a permanent settlement. A new report […]
11th October 2016

Map of the camp in Calais – Mapfugees

See the map of the camp in Calais on Mapfugees’s FACEBOOK About MapFugees: “Mission Mapping requires an awareness […]
10th October 2016

School in Exile

“Since the first appearance of Palestinian refugee camps after the Nakba, the Arabic term to indicates the exile […]