29th November 2016

The Olympic Games and Ibrahim

DO YOU REMEMBER? “Carrying the The Olympic Games torch for refugees everywhere. Please watch and share this special […]
29th November 2016

Temporary housing for refugees – “Asylunterkunft TWS Zihlacker” in Zürich

Our AfR CH team visited the “TWS Zihlacker” housing units for asylum seekers – refugees in Zürich. For […]
29th November 2016

Temporary housing for refugees “Asylunterkunft TWS Leutschenbach” in Zürich

Our AfR CH team visited the “TWS Leutschenbach” housing units for asylum seekers – refugees in Zürich. For […]
29th November 2016

Messehalle 9 – “housing” for asylum seekers – refugees in Zürich

Our AfR CH team visited a housing development for refugees in Zürich. Next to these units there are […]
29th November 2016

Map of “housing” + units for refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland – IN PROGRESS

Our team in Switzerland maps all the refugee “housing” + units to show how many centres and projects […]
29th November 2016

Housing for asylum seekers – Basislager, Zürich

Our AfR CH team visited a housing development for refugees in Zürich. Next to these units there are […]
24th November 2016

Challenging Practice

CHECK ASF’s Challenging Practice Programs “Challenging Practice is an independent-learning programme that seeks to enable built environment professionals […]
8th November 2016

3 ways refugee innovation is being supported in Uganda

“This is an excerpt from the Humanitarian Innovation Project’s recently released report: Refugee Innovation: Humanitarian innovation that starts with […]
1st November 2016

GRANDE-SYNTHE: The humanitarian camp that France didn’t want

Read stories about Grande-Synthe camp HERE>>>
19th October 2016

250,000 refugees have now fled Burundi

14th October 2016

Refugee Children in Crisis

“They need to be children, they need to get their life back.” Aid agencies say children are the […]
11th October 2016

A family starting a new life far from their home

Lidiia Havrylivna Pisahovych celebrated her 93 birthday in March 2016. But it is the second year in a […]
3rd October 2016

Open Letter from Architecture for Refugees: Save The Jungle Refugee Camp!

Authors: Nasr Chamma and Bence Komlosi “They left their country for a few weeks, months or years, driven […]
30th September 2016

Refugee camps are “the cities of tomorrow”, says humanitarian-aid expert

Governments should stop thinking about refugee camps as temporary places, says Kilian Kleinschmidt, one of the world’s leading […]
28th September 2016

Alternative Handbook for Refugee Camp Design: A LANDSCAPE FRAMEWORK

“An Alternative Handbook for Refugee Camp Design responds to increases in both the number of refugees worldwide and […]
26th September 2016

Self Build Design by Lucas

Here’s a beautiful illustration made by Lucas, one of ‘Building in Calais jungle‘ amazing volunteers, to demonstrate how to […]
30th November 2016

Meet the Syrian refugees who do not dream of Europe

Some of those stranded in a Jordanian refugee camp say they would rather wait to return to their […]
30th November 2016

Enzo Mari grants Berlin refugee organisation rights to reproduce his furniture

“Modernist designer Enzo Mari has given Berlin-based CUCULA the rights to redesign and sell his Autoprogettazione furniture to raise funds for its refugee […]
30th November 2016

INTERESTING: inhabitants / 1 architect

The Ratio of Architects to Inhabitants Around the World Read the article on archdaily!  
29th November 2016

Designers in the refugee crisis

Three interesting Opinion about the relation between architecture and refugee crisis. CLICK FOR MORE and read on deezen! […]
25th October 2016

Architectural Award Winner Receives Acclaim for Refugee Work

“Celebrated architects are mostly known for the great buildings they design in expensive, multi-million dollar projects. Thus, when […]
20th October 2016

How Refugee Camp Architecture Is Capturing the Power of Shade

“According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are approximately 45.2 million people around the world who have been […]
20th October 2016

Planned informality: the need for flexibility and foresight in urban refugee settlements

“Take a flat land in the desert of Jordan near the Syrian border and place thousands of white […]
19th October 2016

Winter is coming: the new crisis for refugees in Europe

“Record numbers of migrants and refugees crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in October – just in time for […]
12th October 2016

Inside Dunkirk’s new refugee camp

A purpose-built camp offers refugees a sense of relief, but for how long?, asks Sarah Shearman. READ the […]
11th October 2016

Innovation at Zaatari: how do refugees make tents and caravans into homes?

“The largest refugee camp in Jordan is on its way to becoming a permanent settlement. A new report […]
11th October 2016

Why isn’t the profession seeing refugee camps as architectural projects?

“What is stopping architects from looking at solutions to the current refugee crisis? Is it a problem with […]
10th October 2016

Somali Refugees in Eastleigh, Nairobi

Somali Refugees in Eastleigh, Nairobi “Refugees often represent one of the weakest and most vulnerable members of a […]