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12th December 2020
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19th January 2021

*co-housing, collaborative housing, cooperative housing, …. housing projects based on community development. Many actors of the issue “refugee and migrant inclusion and integration in welcoming societies” believe that co-housing projects would be an ideal way of living together in our cities. This “CURANT” project aims to bring newcomers and locals together in co-housing buildings and communities. This project is only in its starting phase, but it worths it to be followed. There are several co-housing projects all around the world (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, …) which support newcomers in this way.  

Click on the images to see the short Youtube video with the project manager of the CURANT project in Antwerp. 

“With this initiative, we want to ensure that young fugitives have the opportunity to rebuild their lives in Antwerp. Our first priority is the integration of these youngsters who, like all youngsters,  deserve that extra helping hand. Curant combines human compassion and social responsibility. We hope Antwerp can be a leading example for other cities” – source: CURANT










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