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Wir nehmen auch teil am 7. FORUM der Schweizer Wohnbaugenossenschaften! Join us! Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ – STANDNUMMER 17.

Europaplatz 1, 6005 Luzern, Switzerland

Join us! Facebook EVENT – CLICK Check English text below! Was passiert? / What’s on? In der Stadt existieren zahlreiche Organisationen und Einzelpersonen, die sich ehrenamtlich für Flüchtlinge engagieren. Ihre Arbeit und ihr sozialer Einsatz sind eine wertvolle Hilfe, die allerdings für die Augen der Einheimischen meist unsichtbar und unbekannt ist. Am 24. September soll die Bevölkerung der Stadt Zürich über den Kredit für den Bau des neuen Bundesasylzentrums auf dem Duttweiler-Areal in Zürich West read more…

Duttweilerstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

“A new exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is devoted to constructive responses to the world’s natural disasters … In the entrance wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s new building you can currently find a white, 17.5-square-meter structure. It’s made of a metal frame covered with semi-solid walls, and it has four windows, a high ceiling and a lockable door. Inside there’s a lamp installed that draws power from the sun read more…

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

“Delays on important paperwork from Government departments and a ‘cliff-edge’ of support following positive decisions on refugee status leading people into destitution, research shows Refugees in the UK are being consigned to hunger and homelessness immediately after they are granted asylum, a report has found, in what has been described as a “timely wake-up call” about the plight of refugees seeking sanctuary in the UK. …” What could architects do? Architects against Homelessness! Check this article by the read more…

United Kingdom

“Refugee camps are established with the intention of being demolished. As a paradigmatic representation of political failure, they are meant to have no history and no future; they are meant to be forgotten. The history of refugee camps are constantly erased, dismissed by states, humanitarian organizations, …” For the FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE!


Market Share “Empowering immigrants and refugees through food entrepreneurship” http://www.seattleweekly.com/news/one-mans-plan-to-turn-king-street-station-into-an-immigrant-culinary-hub/

Seattle, WA, USA

If you’re a super cool person and want to help refugees settle in your city and feel home, join Rania and the AFR team to bring this book to every city and in the hands of as many refugees as possible. “This is Home” is an infographic guiding book that assists refugees resettling in Seattle, Washington learn about their new neighborhood. The design intent was to provide refugees with basic, but often over-looked, information that read more…

Seattle, WA, USA

  Forced out of their homes, losing everything they owned, refugees settled in new countries, not knowing the first thing about life in some of these places. They need to learn new language, new culture while coping with trauma. Refugees settle in the United States receive limited assistance from the federal government for the first 90 days of their arrival. Often times, refugees are forced to learn the essentials of life on their own. People read more…

Seattle, WA 98109, USA

Our Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ team in Switzerland is doing many things on a local scale! They organise events, write articles, collaborate with the different stakeholders on workshops, …! Check their work on the Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ page. CLICK HERE for their Facebook page!

via Wikimedia Commons

Mexico City Like the Digital Matatus Project in Nairobi, this mapping project run by Mapatón CDMX used smartphone-based GPS tools to allow drivers in the peseros informal transit system to input route data to a system-wide database. Event organizers also associated prizes with the collection of route data, and used the point-calculation system to encourage data collection in areas with low smartphone usage. The city government has been an enthusiastic partner in this project, and as of last read more…

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Because refugees within the U.S. most frequently settle in larger urban areas, the transportation needs of refugees can be incorporated into those metro areas’ existing public transit needs analyses and service plans. However, in rural areas of the U.S., transit service is less accessible and automobile reliance is much higher, making the needs of refugees particularly difficult to serve. Paul Bose’s 2011 study examines the adjustments social service agencies must make in Vermont, a rural state with read more…

Vermont, USA

Map of matatu network, from DigitalMatatus.com Though not explicitly designed around refugee camps, the data collection and processing tactics of the Digital Matatus project (run by MIT, the University of Nairobi, Columbia University and Groupshot) has the potential to be useful for other informal urban systems. The team worked with drivers in the semi-formal matatu transit system to collect route data using mobile phone GPS technology. The team was then able to generate stylized maps read more…

Nairobi, Kenya

The Finnish exhibition called From Border to Home presented temporary accommodation proposals for just-arrived asylum seekers awaiting a decision on their refugee status. There were several pavilions which will also discussed the situation! READ MORE ON DEEZEN >>>  

Venice, Italy

“Kenya’s third biggest city, after Nairobi and Mombasa, is not a city at all but a refugee camp – the world’s largest. This year the Dadaab refugee complex is 25 years old: young for a city, but old for a camp that was only ever supposed to be a temporary sanctuary. …” READ Ben Rawlence Article HERE! >>> An aerial view of the Dagahaley camp, part of a sprawling urban slum in the middle of read more…

Dadaab, Kenya

“The problem with a tent is that when you use it you throw it away, so it’s money that melts,” said Aravena during a lecture at the University of East London (UEL) last week. “It’s a pity to waste and throw away money.” READ THE INTERVIEW ON DEEZEN >>> This housing complex by Alejandro Aravena’s studio Elemental was designed to provide 70 low-cost homes in Mexico

  “Throughout Syria’s four-year war, many of the country’s ancient monuments and artifacts have been demolished by ISIS and Syrian bombs targeted at Islamic militants. In August, ISIS destroyed Palmyra, one of the most important cultural centers in the world. Yet a group of Syrian refugee artists in Jordan, with the support of the United Nations and Internal Relief and Development, have been salvaging some memories of their country’s destroyed artifacts. Since November 2014, these read more…

Watch the video about the BUILD PROJECT IN CALAIS! “In January 2016, evictions commenced in the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp. A plot of land within the contained area was negotiated and cleared by Acted (NGO) for Medecins Sans Frontieres and shared with grassroots charity groups on which more fit-for-purpose shelters could be built to house some of those residents displaced by the 100m perimeter zone clearance. This is one such building project, by the Brighton read more…

Calais, France

“When I first heard about the Calais jungle and all these people living in tents last September, I recall one of my first thoughts being, how on earth are these people going to live through the winter? They’ll freeze themselves to death. Six months ago I undertook a reckless mission with CamCRAG to help the refugees in the Jungle camp in Calais, not knowing what to expect, or even what I’d end up doing. Arriving read more…

Calais, France

Watch the VIDEO ABOUT Playground for refugee children “In most of the refugee camps there is no designated areas to play, relax and make new friends which increases the risk of accentuated boredom, anxiety, hostility and anger and can lead to severe behavioral and developmental problems. We want to bring these children hope. We want to build a safe space to play, an area to call their own where they can express themselves in a safe read more…

Dunkirk, France

“ASF INT was founded as a result of an increased inte rest in social and environmental issues in relation to the built environment and dissatisfaction with ethical standards of mainstream architecture. It’s member organisations and signatories of the Hasselt Charter are listed here: Members Worldwide.” Informations from: www.asfint.org JOIN TO THEM ON FACEBOOK >>>

247 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France

by CLAUDIA MARTINEZ MANSELL “Start with the obvious: not all refugee camps are the same. The experiences of some 60 million people — “one in every 122 humans,” according to the United Nations 1 — cannot be generalized. They live in tarp shelters, tents, shipping containers, or concrete buildings; in formal settlements administered by the UN, or in makeshift camps on the urban fringe. They are refugees, asylum seekers, stateless, internally displaced. Around the world, read more…

Palestine, Lebanon

The Museum of Modern Art hosted a new show on the global refugee crisis. READ MORE on CITYLAB! Tobias Hutzler, “Nizip II, container camp” (2014). (MoMA) Featured image: Brendan Bannon, “Ifo 2, Dadaab Refugee Camp” (2011). (MoMA)

53W53, 53 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA

“CALAIS ACTION is a grass roots giving movement, supported by a network of volunteers who aim to provide support to those in Calais and Europe and raise awareness of the growing humanitarian crisis currently occurring. In August 2015 Libby Freeman established the group to support the growing refugee crisis in mainland Europe. Returning from her first visit to Calais to take donations to ‘The Jungle’ Libby felt more needed to be done to support the read more…

Calais, France

“Organised by Orange House Studio, the aim of this exhibition is to discuss problems and possibilities for “urban living environments” with local residents, through experimental studies and creations in traditional urban villages known as “Kampung” in Surabaya, Indonesia. Diverse people from Surabaya and other cities in Indonesia, such as designers, artists, residents of Kampungs, students, and professionals will work together to create new relationships between spaces and peopleʼs activities in Kampungs. The event consists of read more…

Surabaya, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia

Conversation recorded with Merve Bedir in Ljubljana on February 20, 2016. CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE CONVERSATION >>> “This conversation addresses an important aspect of Merve Bedir’s work (along with Jason Hilgefort at Land+Civilization Compositions) regarding the architectural and linguistic dimension of Turkish politics regarding the 2.5 million refugees the country currently “hosts” — the very notions of “host” and “guest” are the first things discussed here. Through the description of several sites of either appropriation read more…

CAMPing in the CITY! For more informations about the workshop in Barcelona CLICK HERE >>>

Barcelona, Spain

You can find pictures and informations about Tirana Architecture Weeks on TAW FACEBOOK PAGE!  

Tirana, Albania

Some of those stranded in a Jordanian refugee camp say they would rather wait to return to their homeland. The 80,000 Syrian refugees in Zaatari survive in cramped, thin-walled homes with intermittent electricity [Inna Lazareva/Al Jazeera] “Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan –  Though they both spend their days in the Zaatari refugee camp, share the same country of origin and even have the same first name, Ahmed and Ahmed could not be more different. Ahmed, 33, read more…

Zaatari Village, Jordan

DO YOU KNOW the ICOON Initiative?  “ICOON for refugees is a free picture dictionary and android app. It is created in cooperation with aid organisations, like the German Red Cross. Both the book and the app are designed especially for the needs of refugees and help them make themselves understood quickly in every possible situation. Each euro donated allows us to print one book.” CHECK THEIR WEBSITE >>>

Berlin, Germany

“Modernist designer Enzo Mari has given Berlin-based CUCULA the rights to redesign and sell his Autoprogettazione furniture to raise funds for its refugee support programme (+ slideshow).” READ MORE ON  dezeen >>>

Berlin, Germany

DO YOU REMEMBER? “Carrying the The Olympic Games torch for refugees everywhere. Please watch and share this special moment from yesterday in Athens, when Syrian refugee Ibrahim helped the torch on its road to Rio 2016. Yesterday, Ibrahim’s dream came true, and for the first time this summer, a refugee team will compete under the Olympic flag. Learn more: http://www.unhcr.org/571fb1c56.html” Source: UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s facebook Ibrahim Al Hussein was mobbed by fellow refugees read more…

Athens, Greece

Do you know the “Borderfree a Association” ? CHECK their Community kitchen tent in Idomeni on FACEBOOK!

Idomeni 614 00, Greece

Our AfR CH team visited the “TWS Zihlacker” housing units for asylum seekers – refugees in Zürich. For further photos CLICK HERE!

Birchstrasse, 8052 Zürich, Switzerland

Our AfR CH team visited the “TWS Leutschenbach” housing units for asylum seekers – refugees in Zürich. For further photos CLICK HERE!

Leutschenbachstrasse 46, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland

Our AfR CH team visited a housing development for refugees in Zürich. Next to these units there are several other container buildings for offices and art ateliers. For further photos CLICK HERE!

Birnbaumstrasse 15, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland

Our team in Switzerland maps all the refugee “housing” + units to show how many centres and projects are all around the country. The refugee crisis isn’t over. Integration, intercultural discussions and many other programs – spaces are more than needed! For the google map CLICK HERE!


Our AfR CH team visited a housing development for refugees in Zürich. Next to these units there are several other container buildings for offices and art ateliers. Check the photos on the AfR CH FACEBOOK PAGE: CLICK HERE

Aargauerstrasse 16, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

Hello Wood is a profoundly democratic opportunity to connect different generations, designers and artists with various cultural, academic and professional backgrounds. details: www.hellowood.eu We are waiting the Project of the year 2017!!!

Budapest, Hungary

Seee the pictures of a fantastic workshop dealing with the refugee crisis: “Challenging Practice – Designing inclusion for refugees and migrants in cities”

Workshop by Architecture Sans Frontières-UK Photos by Bence Komlósi from Architecture for Refugees

Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain



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mapfugees’s MISSION: “In collaboration with refugees we create detailed, multi-lingual maps of the refugee camps in Grande-Synthe and Calais to improve the delivery of aid and services and the safety and comfort of the residents.”

Take a look at the camps of Grande-Synthe and Calais to see them growing every day!

IF YOU ARE IN LONDON, DEFENETELY MUST PARTICIPATE TO THE EVENT- Refugees and the crisis of responsibility DESCRIPTION This lecture focuses on the dominant visual culture around the recent ‘refugees crisis’ in Europe. Drawing on a typology of relevant images across media, it maps out the field of visibility within which refugees become perceptible to European publics and examines the distinct forms of responsibility, which the refugees are associated with (monitorial, affective, activist, post-humanitarian). In conclusion, it read more…

University of Westminster - Regent Campus, Fitzrovia, London W1W, UK

“This is an excerpt from the Humanitarian Innovation Project’s recently released report: Refugee Innovation: Humanitarian innovation that starts with communities. This report highlights and showcases some of the innovative capacities of crisis-affected communities.” READ THE EXCERPT  BY ALEXANDER BETTS, LOUISE BLOOM AND NINA WEAVER – (HUMANITARIAN INNOVATION PROJECT)   Photo credit: Grace Cahill/Oxfam

Watch the video about Dunkirk family centre project on Brighton shelter build project’s facebook page!

Dunkirk, France

You can read in issuu the Architectural Atlas of Calais Jungle  – in french!

Calais, France

CHECK More Than Shelters Organisation’s WEBSITE HERE! MTS’s Mission on facebook: “The objective of MORE THAN SHELTERS is to create a individual home for people who have been forced to an emergency situation and give them the opportunity to help themselves. MORE THAN SHELTERS aims to create a humane habitat for refugees and residents of informal settlements and encourage those concerned to actively shape their own future. For a dignified life, even in situations of read more…

Hamburg, Germany

Architecture for Refugees presentation on the Architecture Sans Frontier GA 2016 in Palma de Mallorca is available on facebook! Check it! Take it! Share it!

Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

JOIN Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK’s facebook group! HELP if you can!

United Kingdom

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Read stories about Grande-Synthe camp HERE>>>

Grande-Synthe, France

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOUT AFR by Bence Komlósi  – Future Architecture Matchmaking Conference, Ljubljana 2016 Open source online platform to collect and share knowledge on “refugee architecture”. The “Architecture for Refugees” is an open source online platform which collects and shares questions, problems, ideas and solutions dealing with the architectural aspects of the current refugee crisis on the European and global scale. In our modern society information and the access to knowledge are key values. Creating read more…

Ljubljana, Slovenia

CHECK THE FACEBOOK PAGE of ‘Brighton Shelter Build Project’ Non-Profit Organization in Brighton, United Kingdom

Source of the pictures: facebook galery

Brighton, UK

“Celebrated architects are mostly known for the great buildings they design in expensive, multi-million dollar projects. Thus, when the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban was honored with the Pritzker Architecture Prize, it was remarkable in that he has largely been known for his innovation in refugee shelters. The refugee work that Ban has done in his home nation of Japan has helped many displaced by the earthquake/tsunami disaster of 2011, as well as refugees in other read more…

Encouraging messages from Amsterdam: “Social housing associations and the NGO Vluchtelingenwerk are assisting refugees with a residence status and a dwelling, to integrate as soon as possible in their community. Volunteers – recruited among others among employees of the social housing corporations – will inform these new tenants about their rights and obligations related to housing. The partnership aims to assist refugees with finding their way around, to support them at neighbourhood level as well read more…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Refugees in Sherkole, in the Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia, live in shelters predominantly built by NRC and other humanitarian agencies. However, a young refugee has chosen to build his own shelter. READ Repan Sadik’s story on NRC’s WEBSITE >>>


“According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are approximately 45.2 million people around the world who have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Of this staggering number, 15.4 million are considered refugees—people who were forced out of their country of origin due to war, fear of persecution, or national disaster, left to take up temporary residence in often inadequate structures with limited access to basic human needs. Without a permanent place to settle, and facing read more…


“Take a flat land in the desert of Jordan near the Syrian border and place thousands of white tents and containers within the boundary. Then accommodate families to live in it — and within the timeframe of a month, if not overnight, what you have is a small city. Leaving behind the tragic reasons behind the forced exile of Syrian people to Jordan, the process above described is, in synthesis, the incredible process that UNHCR read more…

Zaatari Village, Jordan

“Welcome to The living room is about transforming urban/public spaces into a public living rooms together with migrants, refugees and locals in different cities across Europe. In these co-created spaces these three communities share their migration stories and reflections through artistic forms” READ MORE HERE >>>   Image: Welcome to the Living Room, October 1, 2015 in Verein08 at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK @ Sascha Osaka

Vienna, Austria

READ about key management system for shelters in Azraq! Source: BY UNHCR INNOVATION, JANUARY 15, 2015

Azraq, Jordan

ERGEBNISSE DER IDEENWERKSTATT – BROSCHÜRE MIT ALLEN ARBEITEN BROSCHÜRE DOWNLOADEN SAVE THE DATE: WOHNRAUM FÜR ALLE – „PROJEKTIMPULS“ AM 12. MÄRZ 2016 Am 12. März 2016 bittet die Initiative Wohnraum für alle zum Projektimpuls in der Aula der Hochschule München. Die in den letzten Monaten gewonnenen Erkenntnisse über Herausforderungen im Bereich des Wohnens werden mit Stakeholdern aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft diskutiert. Außerdem werden die rund 70 eingereichten Projekte der Ideenwerkstatt erstmals der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. read more…

Munich, Germany



“In the drought-swept expanses of Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, women wrapped in bright scarves lug plastic jerry cans of water, and clouds of dust puff from the ground as teenagers distract themselves with a soccer game. Here, where one of the largest refugee populations in the world has fled political instability and famine, families rely on UNHCR for housing that provides stability, safety and dignity. These refugees, fleeing conflict, disaster and climate change, have long relied read more…


Academy for Architectural Culture organized a summer workshop: From Module to Urban Quarter, Case Study Houses for the 21st-Century Berlin

Hamburg, Germany

A do-it-yourself upper canopy + veranda assembly kit to mitigate shelter internal temperature and offer an external protected space to refugee families. CHECK this kit on FARE STUDIO’S WEBSITE!

Zaatari Village, Jordan

Join the group Building Support through Shelter!  Their goals: “We are hoping to create safe shelters for refugees. We’d like to do this without using any existing social housing as this will no doubt already be allocated. We would like to create temporary shelters using existing empty commercial and residential buildings that are not in use due to their need for refurbishment work. As a collective of building professionals and able volunteers we are offering read more…

Bristol, UK

Check the “Citizen science in a refugee camp” – balloon mapping project by Claudia Martinez Mansell! “This project centers on the community of inhabitants at Bourj Al Shamali, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, who I’ve been working with as they use citizen science techniques to map and analyze their overbuilt, unhealthy environment, with the goal of eventually using this information to plan and advocate for future improvement initiatives.” For the Kickstarter campaign click HERE ans SUPPORT read more…

Unnamed Road, Lebanon

“They need to be children, they need to get their life back.” Aid agencies say children are the innocent victims of Europe’s refugee crisis. WATCH the video about them on AJplus’s FACEOOK PAGE! Source of picture: http://www.childinthecity.eu/2016/09/14/greek-education-ministry-unicef-plan-to-educate-refugee-children/

Idomeni 614 00, Greece

Take a journey with a refugee!

Berlin, Germany

A purpose-built camp offers refugees a sense of relief, but for how long?, asks Sarah Shearman. READ the articel on New Internationalist’s WEBSITE! Faris has moved into a new shelter with his mother.

Dunkirk, France

Lidiia Havrylivna Pisahovych celebrated her 93 birthday in March 2016. But it is the second year in a row that she is forced to celebrate it not in her home city Donetsk, but in Vuhledar – a city she fled to with her great-granddaughters and great-great-granddaughter. She is living currently in a rented house, which the whole family is trying to do up in order to get rid of damp and make it warmer. Being read more…

Vuhledar, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

“The largest refugee camp in Jordan is on its way to becoming a permanent settlement. A new report shows how people fleeing Syria have brought creativity and innovation to their new homes From their first arrival in Jordan, Syrian refugees have been challenging the way that the international community provides aid. When the Zaatari camp (population 83,000) was established in 2012, refugees, arriving by the thousands, were issued with tents. The tents were pitched on read more…

Zaatari Village, Jordan

Somali Refugees in Eastleigh, Nairobi “Refugees often represent one of the weakest and most vulnerable members of a society. They are conceived of as a unanimous mass, warehoused in refugee camps and more often than not can’t decide upon the context and circumstances of their lives. The physical location is a key factor for this powerlessness. Refugee camps are usually located in remote areas. The distance to a social, cultural or economical context limits the read more…

Nairobi, Kenya

Jungle refugee camp in Calais is still really important! On februar 2016, a huge portion of the Jungle refugee camp in Calais is due to be bulldozed. We can not sit back at let this happen… This film – The Lotus Flower – Don’t Bulldoze the Calais Jungle – highlights everything we stand to lose if this plan goes ahead; the beauty and life that has grown literally out of the mud.

Calais, France

CHECK ON Open Street Map!

Calais, France

“Due to the refugee crisis, this contribution to the 2016 Architecture Biennale is not limited to the pavilion in Venice but also includes three ongoing projects in Vienna. More concretely, three teams have been commissioned to work together with NGOs not only to design the conversion of empty buildings into temporary accommodation for people whose asylum claims are being processed but also to accompany these buildings in the longer term. The objectives of these interventions read more…

Venice, Italy

TAW 2016 will become a platform for imagining the role of architecture in the upcoming Europe. Learn more. “Tirana Architecture/Design Weeks (TAW/TDW) aims at promoting the exchange of knowledge between professionals at the national and international level in order to cultivate a larger public interest in architecture, art and design. These are disciplines that affect the contemporary development of cities, enhance interaction between professionals and the public with the city, and encourage participation in decision-making read more…

Tirana, Albania

Following the Future Architecture platform’s call for ideas that generated a full 291 ideas by 524 authors from 39 countries all over the world, 24 candidates selected by the platform members and 1 candidate receiving the most public votes appeared at the Matchmaking Conference in Ljubljana. Participants personally presented and pitched their ideas and visions to both the platform members and the general public. Based on their presentation of ideas, interests and views on architecture read more…

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Authors: Nasr Chamma and Bence Komlosi “They left their country for a few weeks, months or years, driven mostly by war, some by poverty, often by the simple desire for a better life.”  (ADB, 2016) Figure 1: French riot police walk in front of a fence near The Jungle camp. Photographed by Philippe H. Source (Britton, 2016) The French government is currently planning to close the refugee camp in Calais known read more…

N216, 62100 Calais, France

Governments should stop thinking about refugee camps as temporary places, says Kilian Kleinschmidt, one of the world’s leading authorities on humanitarian aid (+ interview). “These are the cities of tomorrow,” said Kleinschmidt of Europe’s rapidly expanding refugee camps. “The average stay today in a camp is 17 years. That’s a generation.” Read the interview on DEZEEN!

Unnamed Road, Jordan

“Dust blows across the path as women carry what possessions they have in flimsy blue bin bags. One calls out to a little boy on a bicycle but her words are lost in the sound of loud drilling and hammering.” For more read BBC News!

Hamburg, Germany