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Containers at the “Kioski” Is this architecture!? We believe that it is! There are containers, indoor-outdoor spaces, privacy and the lack of privacy, lot of people, bad weather conditions! Follow ACTION FROM SWITZERLAND’S work and support their work as much as possible!

Chios 821 00, Greece

Food is one of the most important topics for all human being! Public services such as this “Kitchen in Calais” are crucial! Informal and formal camps, settlements and cities all need proper public services. Follow their work and try to support them. Further ideas are welcome! You can find Kitchen in Calais ON FACEBOOK!


N216, 62100 Calais, France

Here’s a beautiful illustration made by Lucas, one of ‘Building in Calais jungle’ amazing volunteers, to demonstrate how to put together one of our self-build kits!

CHECK the post on facebook too!

Chemin des Dunes, 62100 Calais, France

If you want to know more about the ‘Building in Calais Jungle’ just CHECK IT ON FACEBOOK Here are some pictures from the page:

Chemin des Dunes, 62100 Calais, France

The Architecture for Refugees’ upcoming presentation is going to be in Zürich! 29 October, 2016. 19.00 – EXIL For further info click HERE: SIA Zürich Pecha Kucha im EXIL Join us!

Zürich, Switzerland

The Architecture for Refugees’ upcoming workshop is going to be in Tirana during the Tirana Architecture Week! 3-9 October, 2016. Follow our work on the CAMPing – Beyond Architecture Facebook PAGE and / or join us in Tirana! For further info about the Tirana Architecture Week and the workshop – CLICK HERE!

Tirana, Albania

We must support those facing this crisis, says the award-winning architect whose family fled fascist Italy in 1939 “Aiding the sick is a fundamental facet of our shared humanity. Healthcare, like shelter and food, is a basic human right, and it is the way that we help those who arrive on our shores with nothing that is the benchmark of our civilisation. … The biggest movement of people since the second world war needs the biggest read more…

England, UK

Good Chance builds temporary theatres of hope. Get to know more about Good Chance Theatre on it’s twitter page HERE!

N216, 62100 Calais, France

Good Chance is a theatre of hope in the refugee camp in Calais. Inside France’s largest refugee camp, a little magic and imagination exists because of this theatre. Watch the video about it on AJplus’s facebook page!

 Check the Good Chance Tehatre’s facebook page too!

Chemin des Dunes, 62100 Calais, France

Lucas Facer built shelters in Calais Camp from donations. Read more about his story and donate HERE

Chemin des Dunes, 62100 Calais, France

“There is a much wider role for architects and architecture than I had been led to believe both in my undergraduate education and training in more traditional architecture practice,” says Esther Charlesworth, professor of architecture at RMIT University in Australia and the founder of the Australian chapter of Architects Sans Frontiers (ASF), Architects without Frontiers, a not-for-profit working on post-disaster reconstruction around the world. “I saw that there was a valuable role for design to read more…

Rmit Building 49, 65-77 Franklin St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

“In Italy, the job of settling and integrating asylum seekers belongs to local governments. Mayors across the impoverished southern region of Calabria, and especially here in Satriano, are embracing this responsibility in a big way.Local officials in Satriano are enthusiastically situating refugees in temporary housing, lining them up with jobs and assisting them with their applications for asylum.” For the full TEXT click HERE!

88060 Satriano CZ, Italy

“We had the possibility to organise an exhibition dealing with the current refugee crisis in Hungary. We tried to deal mostly with its architectural aspects. We collected articles on global and local scale and we asked architects for their design ideas. The exhibition is running till the 8th of November! If you are in Budapest, please don’t hesitate to visit it in the FUGA architecture center.” wrote the .I dotlinearchitects on its Facebook page! Actually two read more…

Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 5, 1052 Hungary

“These are dense spaces of concrete and asphalt, urban materializations of an ongoing state of emergency.” writes Claudia Martinez Mansell in her article on the Places Journal’s webpage! Check the full article HERE!

Beirut, Lebanon

“From the outside, the temporary shelter for Syrian civilians in Kilis, Turkey, doesn’t look like an inviting place to live. It looks like a prison. All around are olive groves, but here, Turkey suddenly runs out. A metal archway announces the customs gate to Syria. To its right stands what is more formally known as the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency’s Kilis Oncupinar Accommodation Facility. High gates bar entry, and read more…

Kilis, 79000 Kilis Merkez/Kilis, Turkey

BOOK! The book is in GERMAN!!! Check it on this webpage: CLICK   “Every day people embark on the arduous journey to Europe and to Germany—fleeing from violence, hunger, persecution, poverty, and natural disasters. Those who succeed in crossing the strictly controlled borders of the EU mostly end up in overcrowded emergency shelters on the fringes of towns, without any legal residence status and without any chance of social integration. Politics appears to have capitulated read more…

Hanover, Germany

“The longer we’ve been in Alexandreia, the more things we’ve done – the free shop, the clothes boutique, the community space with wifi, playground, sports activities – and now the Greek Ministry of Education has asked us to provide 2 classrooms on the camp to educate the 57 children aged 4 to 7. Everyone is keen for the children to get back to school. The older kids will go to local schools but they can read more…

Alexandria 593 00, Greece

Sport, activities and communities play key role in a refugee camp’s life! “We provide free community boxing classes in Calais unofficial refugee camp.” says the Facebook Page of the boxing club in the Jungle in Calais.

N216, 62100 Calais, France

EVENT on the 20th of August in Venice! Go for it! The event’s Facebook EVENT!

Viale Trento, 30122 Venezia, Italy

“A couple of months ago, Eko Station, a makeshift refugee camp in Northern Greece was evacuated and all its inhabitants were moved to an old chicken factory- a ‘camp’ run by the military- with no ventilation, terrible food and not enough water. What made Eko so special, …” Check the EKO project’s fundraising page HERE!

Vasilika 570 06, Greece

“Eko is up and running once more, from 8:00-20:00 there is a space where the community can come together, breathe, play, relax in the shade and go to school. We are working every day to make this place better and brighter and we would love your help. We are looking for long term volunteers to help run the children’s and women’s spaces, and if you are a teacher, or if you have a TEFL certificate, read more…

Vasilika 570 06, Greece

“When the refugees were assembling with their humble possessions in front of the church and the press reported they were forced to sleep outside again, the squatting movement opened an abandoned six-floor, modernist office building in a close-by neighborhood, soon called the ‘Vluchtflat’.” wrote René Boer back in 2013 in his article on the Failed Architecture website! For the full TEXT click HERE! 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“In the last few months groups of refugees have been campaigning to attract attention to their precarious position. Currently their applications for asylum in the Netherlands have been rejected, but they are unable to return to their country of origin for various reasons. The most important tool of their struggle has been the creation of a permanent presence in public space, which has resulted in the expansion of the architectural typologies related to the spatiality of migration. read more…


“Governments should stop thinking about refugee camps as temporary places, says Kilian Kleinschmidt, one of the world’s leading authorities …” please check this article – interview on Dezeen! For the article click HERE!

Unnamed Road, Jordan

Check the Refugee Republic and its interactive map about the Domiz refugee camp. You can find the Refugee Republic also on Facebook.

Dumiz Camp, Iraq

“We believe in giving people the tools to improve their situation. For the last week we have been working with residents of a camp in Polykastro, providing the knowledge, materials and tools to create some furniture for a women’s space as well as a ping pong table for the rest of the community!  To continue projects like this and start new projects in other camps we are seeking donations from all of you. We are read more…

“A few weeks ago we created shading for some outdoor tents at a camp in Thessaloniki. Sadly a strong wind storm destroyed most of the shading so we have been working together with Jenni James, RefugeeStart and other wonderful souls to repair and create a new design for the shading. Today our team was happy to announce that the new shading has been almost 100% completed! And with the new design, we’re confident that this read more…

Thessaloniki, Greece

Please check this report – diary by our friend from the MapFugees team! Educational spaces and people! “Funny atmosphere and the happiness try to switch their candles with some smiles which have drawn on the faces. British teacher tries to do the best to give something and to do what she should do to …”  You can find the FULL STORY on Ahmed’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=698833946936196&set=pcb.698835146936076&type=3&theater

N216, 62100 Calais, France

The Architecture for Refugees’ “CAMPing – Beyond Architecture” lecture and workshop series go to the Sziget Fesztivál in Budapest. We will give a Pecha Kucha presentation on the 14th of August – SUNDAY 16.00 thanks to the invitation of the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre! Thanks! 😀 We will talk about the architectural aspects of the refugee crisis! JOIN US, if you are around! For the event’s Facebook EVENT click: HERE    

Budapest, Óbuda Island, Hungary

Our collaborative partner, the Future Architecture Platform asked us to write a summary about our work. You can read this story here: http://futurearchitectureplatform.org/news/38/the-story-of-architecture-for-refugees/

Budapest, Baross téri aluljáró, 1087 Hungary

The Jungle Canopy manages caravans – homes for refugees – in Calais! Support this organisation! Sharing is caring! The FB post: https://www.facebook.com/junglecanopy/posts/1240364352654872  

N216, 62100 Calais, France