Map of the camp in Calais – Mapfugees

School in Exile
10th October 2016
Why isn’t the profession seeing refugee camps as architectural projects?
11th October 2016

Map of the camp in Calais – Mapfugees

See the map of the camp in Calais on Mapfugees’s FACEBOOK

About MapFugees:

Mapping requires an awareness of surroundings, analysis of infrastructure, identification of needs and detailed, accurate work. All these qualities are essential to start a new life, no matter which country and profession. To reactivate these abilities and evoke potential under such difficult circumstances, to create a sense of togetherness and foster self-reliance seems like an incredible chance to easen integration into a new society.

They should be given this chance.

Why map refugee camps?

Informal as well as official refugee camps are evolving into semi-permanent yet continuously changing home for thousands of people, with a variable number of new arrivals and departures. The current infrastructure and facilities are a joint achievement of the camp community, volunteers and NGOs. Residents attend classes at school, do their shopping, get together in restaurants and listen to music in the camp theatre. They see their doctor, line up at the distribution points and pray in their
places of worship. But there is no publicly accessible repository of this information. The existing maps from NGOs and public facilities are customized for specific purposes which don’t necessarily align with the perception and needs of the camp residents. These needs include street names, signposting and rapid updates of free wifi hotspots and mobile charging stations.

We put these camps on the map.”



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