The Lotus Flower – Don’t Bulldoze the Calais Jungle
10th October 2016
Somali Refugees in Eastleigh, Nairobi
10th October 2016

READ about Mobile Crisis Support Unit!

“Charity begins at home, but should not stay there. Based in Shropshire, but not restricted.

Not for profit registered charitable organisation that delivers local and worldwide humanitarian aid and builds support networks.  Thousands of people in need receive aid daily because we fund raise and support grass root organisations with food, machinery, clothing, medical aid and a small fleet of ‘Mobile Crisis Support Units’.

Over 200 hundred families in the UK were loaned washable nappies in the last 18 months, over 600 people had a free dinner as a result of our Pay It Forward scheme, over 140 homeless families were given a caravan as temporary housing instead of a tent while in transit – fleeing war, and several grass root organisations had vehicles loaned so they could deliver crisis support. That’s just a fraction of our outcomes – and all of this is driven by one hyper focused lady with ADHD who is on a mission – with a team of the most generous volunteers. Thank you for supporting my work.

Lea Beven, age 43




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