‘Refugees and the crisis of responsibility’ Lilie Chouliaraki [LSE]

3 ways refugee innovation is being supported in Uganda
8th November 2016
8th November 2016

‘Refugees and the crisis of responsibility’ Lilie Chouliaraki [LSE]

IF YOU ARE IN LONDON, DEFENETELY MUST PARTICIPATE TO THE EVENT- Refugees and the crisis of responsibility


This lecture focuses on the dominant visual culture around the recent ‘refugees crisis’ in Europe. Drawing on a typology of relevant images across media, it maps out the field of visibility within which refugees become perceptible to European publics and examines the distinct forms of responsibility, which the refugees are associated with (monitorial, affective, activist, post-humanitarian). In conclusion, it raises questions about the capacity of these forms of responsibility to engage with refugees as human others and to promote a culture of care and solidarity, outlining alternative media practices that could possibly foster different visual cultures.


Thu 10 November 2016  17:00 – 19:00 GMT



University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street Room: UG04

London, W1B 2HT, United Kingdom




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