TU Berlin Summer Design-Build Program, July 2017

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TU Berlin Summer Design-Build Program, July 2017

Two people assemble a wooden table.

This summer, TU Berlin will be offering a summer design-build studio from July 10-21st that will focus on designing with the residents of the refugee co-housing space called Sharehaus Refugio. From the program site:

“This summer school will be working for and with the Sharehouse Refugio in Berlin. This is a community living project where refugees, students, artists and others live and work together. This community will be our clients for this DesignBuild project. The clients will actively participate in the project from the design phase to on-site construction. Through designing and building together, the students will get insights into the challenges that the people they are designing for are facing.”

The registration deadline is June 10th. For more information, see the TU Summer University website.



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