Why the refugee crisis calls for imaginative urban planning

Open Letter from Architecture for Refugees: Save The Jungle Refugee Camp!
3rd October 2016
Catalytic Action
5th October 2016

Why the refugee crisis calls for imaginative urban planning

“Not only politicians are looking for solutions to ease the refugee crisis. Architects are also devising ways to integrate new arrivals that avoid ghettos arising on city limits while also fostering urban regeneration.

One fixture in the pictures that went round the world in the recent week of violent clashes outside a refugee shelter in Heidenau, Saxony, was the blue-and-yellow “Praktiker” sign, left over from the building’s days as a DIY center. It was repurposed by local authorities at short notice after heavy rain turned the refugee tent camp in nearby Chemnitz into a mud pit.

Other housing solutions found in recent weeks for the influx of refugees include an airdome near Berlin’s main station (dubbed the Caredome by its manufacturer), former barracks, banks and psychiatric clinics, with even the disused Tempelhof airport under consideration as temporary accommodation.”




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